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Virtual Clothing

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Digital clothing or virtual clothing as it is sometimes called is fast becoming used as a medium not only for 3d models in the online world, but for a drafting board for real world fashion designers as well.  At Fashion Composure, we focus our digital clothing designs on the virtual modeling world for your avatars and 3d models. We are always interested in the latest real world fashions as well and see that the crossing over of virtual fashion and physical fashion is now commonplace.  We are here to share with you all of our latest digital clothing designs, discuss ideas and create new and exciting virtual clothing lines that may hit the digital or physical runway. 

The real world applications of virtual clothing are so awesome because designers no longer need to waste physical materials during their creative experiments or worry about irreversible mistakes with the scissors.  Digital clothing design is truly reducing the waste of material, time, and unnecessary pin pricks.  Virtual clothing also offers a whole new arena for experimentation with the incredible explosion of 3d software that is becoming more and more sophisticated.  This is a very exciting time to join the digital clothing design world, whether you are a new designer, advanced or just want to shop the latest fashions.

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See Our Huge Virtual Fashion Portfolio right here:  Look Book

See Our Huge Virtual Fashion Portfolio right here:  Look Book
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