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About Us

We have been developing websites for over 12 years now and along our journey we have come across many resources and a lot of valuable information to share with you about creating your own virtual clothing, 3d models, avatars and everything else related to virtual fashion.  We decided to create this website as a place where we can get together and share our knowledge with everyone from beginners to advanced digital designers.  Here you will find lots of free informative articles handling all the basic questions you have about starting out in the virtual fashion world and also lively discussions about what's going on lately in the virtual world.  We talk about how to make money with your work, where to find the best places to buy digital clothing and all the latest trends.  Connect with us on google+ to be automatically notified of updates on Fashion Composure and stay ahead of the trends.  We look forward to having fun and spreading virtual fashion to as many people as possible.  Come join us.
Connect with us on Google plus by clicking the g+ link. We are there posting artwork plus the latest Art news and happenings from around the world.